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Project List

Museums and Art Galleries

Sacramento Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

San Jose Museum of Art

Harvard University Art Gallery

Thorne Saggen Dorp Museum

Brooklyn Museum of Art

National Gallery, Washington DC

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Armand Hammer Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

North Carolina Art Museum

Richmond Museum of Art

Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

Private Institutions

Nieman-Marcus Miami

Bank of Boston

Sunrise Hilton

Key Pharmaceutical

Manufactures Hanover Trust

Sony Corp. NY

Howard Street Condos, San Francisco

Lackland Air Base - Communications

Defense Mapping Agency - Pentagon

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

Magee Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

'M' Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey

Education - Transportation - Municipal

Miami International Airport

New York University Hospital

Orange County Administration Complex

University of California Arts - Irvine

New Jersey Port Authority

Bell Coolidge Library

Denver Public Library

J.F.K. Memorial Library

Rice University, Houston

Shands Memorial Hospital

Movie Productions

Robo Cop III

Super Mario Brothers

Savannah Sales

Purveyors of Architectural Specialties

Since 1985, we have been located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, in the heart of Hurricane Alley. Savannah Trims is a marketing arm of 6 distinguished companies, all with a related theme: Architectural Building Specialties, as related to fine quality building components.We at 'Savannah' are specialists in the application of exterior building components such as Exterior Blinds, Glass Skylights and Standard Skylights, Glass Flood barriers and Aluminum Flood Barriers.
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